Madagasikara Airways

Welcome to the unofficial site of Madagasikara Airways

This is a new company which is de facto a successor of Air Madagascar, national Madagascar carrier, which is going to solve its problems with debts and creditors by the transition.

The project of Madagasikara Airways was announced in summer, 2015. They plan to launch it in the 4th quarter of the same year. And it would be impossible If it was the matter of creating a completely new airlines company. Getting Air Operators Certificate (AOC) or an Air Services Licence (ASL), purchasing the fleet, contracting with Ivato International Airport as a hub and with airports of destinations, hiring staff - all these actions may require minimum one year. But Madagasikara Airway is going to cut off this period twice. So this is the best proof that the carrier is of Air Madagascar origin.

The future national airline operating services will inherit the fleet of its predecessor. 2 airbuses, 2 DHC-6 and one Boeing. Three ATR’s would be sold and replaced with the aircrafts of the same capacity. Madagasikara Airways will serve destinations in Africa, Asia and Europe.